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Breeding, slaughtering and curing prices and profitability down in February

But profitability figures are still well above last year's (+37.5%)

12, Mar 2024

The Crefis Index of profitability of pig farming in Italy is still decreasing in February: the data on the closed cycle (published on in fact show a cyclical decrease of 1.4%, but the profitability values however, they remain well above those of last year (+37.5%). As has been the case for some time now, despite the drop in breeding costs, the simultaneous decline in the prices of heavy pigs for slaughter negatively affects the sector. The type of animals destined for the protected circuit, in fact, quoted 2.062 euros/kg in February, i.e. 2% less than the previous month while still maintaining a slightly positive trend variation (+0.7%).
However, the data on the profitability of sow farms are still favourable: in February profitability increased by 0.2% month on month and by 41.7% on a year-on-year basis, supported by the stability of the prices of 7 kg piglets which, in the month taken into consideration, they remained stuck at a price of 79,250 euros/head, the maximum reached so far, and by the drop in expenses incurred for their feeding. The trend change in prices for 7 kg items in February is also positive and equal to 15.8%.

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