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International presence at TUTTOFOOD 2023 brings new flavours

Only a few days remain until the gates of TUTTOFOOD open, an edition that promises to be more international than ever: more than 2,500 brands from at least 45 countries are registered and buyers from all over the world are expected

28, Apr 2023

The primary role of Europe in the global F&B sector, between tradition and innovation

At TUTTOFOOD in the foreground there will be significant representatives from all over Europe. According to EU data, food & beverage is the largest manufacturing sector in Europe in terms of jobs and added value. In the last ten years, European exports have doubled in value, exceeding 90 billion euros and with a surplus of over 30 billion. Greece, together with Italy, is certainly one of the realities with the most representative products, also thanks to the Mediterranean diet. After the financial crisis in 2011, Greek producers realized that it was not possible to grow without boosting exports and since then exports have increased steadily, to over 20.5 billion euros with growth rates exceeding 20% in some sectors. Diversification has also increased: today Greece no longer focuses only on olive oil, but also on finished products such as Greek yoghurt, cheeses, ready-to-eat specialties, as well as healthy and sustainable products, for example based on dried fruit.

Emerging exporters such as Romania will also have visibility at TUTTOFOOD 2023, present in the exhibition with a group show and with various brands that offer food made with a responsible approach also from the point of view of environmental sustainability. The foreign collectives represent a precious support for the event, bringing a breath of sustainable innovation, which supports and completes the Italian offer.

All the flavors of the world: from Asia to Latin America…

TUTTOFOOD is not only the main event for the sector in Italy, but also an international platform where collectives from around the world can meet international buyers, to gain access primarily to European markets and, in the future, to global ones. At each edition, TUTTOFOOD confirms itself as a global showcase, presenting group exhibitions not only from Europe, as mentioned above, but also from other continents, from Asia to Latin America. Thailand, for example, is a land full of different flavors with many varieties of vegetables, fruit, spices, aromatic herbs… high quality products well known by consumers all over the world. The country is in fact among the largest exporters of food products, reaching a value of over 6.8 billion dollars in 2020. The growth in exports helps make Thai producers increasingly aware of the need to adopt the strictest international standards in processing. This includes a natural and sustainable approach, such as the BCG (Bio-Circular-Green Economy) model adopted at a national level, and the promotion of two quality certifications: Thai SELECT, which covers typical dishes, and Thailand Trust Mark, with a watch out for responsibility.

In addition to Asia, another area of the world where food exports are evolving is Latin America. One of the countries present at TUTTOFOOD with its own collective is Ecuador, which is the main world exporter of bananas and shrimps, cocoa, coffee, just to name a few. In the past, these products were exported as raw materials, while today new consumer trends have paved the way for processed products such as snacks, bars, chocolate, organic or vegan foods, and packaged with innovative packaging, such as recycled PET.

…From the Gulf to North America and beyond

North America and the Gulf represent the two focus areas of TUTTOFOOD and the stages leading up to Road to TUTTOFOOD were an opportunity to share the strengths of the event with stakeholders, passing through Chicago, Orlando, Toronto and Mexico City in the North America, Paris, Lyon, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf in Europe, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Singapore in the Middle East and Asia. In particular, the Gulf Countries (GCC) represent a very promising market with interesting numbers and strong growth. According to the TUTTOFOOD Observatory on Export Planning surveys, trade between the GCC and Europe is already worth almost seven and a half billion euros (7,429 million) and with an annual +7.4% that will bring the figure close to 10 billion euros (9,901 million) in 2026. Product details provide valuable insights into consumption trends. Success for luxury pastry which is reflected in the consumption of milk and dairy products imported from Europe and for baked goods, confectionery and ice cream. The interest of international markets for the region's products is instead well represented by the export of dates, in particular from Saudi Arabia. With 1.5 million tons in 2021, the country is positioned as the third world producer with a share of around 16% and exports growing by 12% per year (data from the National Center for Palms and Dates, Riyadh).


8-11 May 2023

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