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August 2023, pig prices


07, Sep 2023

In August, the prices of slaughter pigs and slaughter sows increased further compared to the previous month, while a decline affected the quotations of breeding pigs.
The profitability of Italian farmers engaged in the various stages of breeding is growing, with the exception of SITE 2 where there was a cyclical decline.
The profitability of Italian slaughterers is declining, both in economic and trend terms.
The stability of the prices of DOP cured hams and the growth in the prices of fresh thighs which occurred at the beginning of the curing, have led to a deterioration in the profitability of these producers, which is even lower than last year.
On the other hand, the profitability of NON DOP ham curers is growing, thanks to the drop in the prices of fresh legs for non-typical raw meats.


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