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The world's best hams at Enoteca Falorni

In solidarity tasting for the La Stadera cooperative

03, Nov 2023

Tasting and solidarity: the day of charity and taste discovery with the best hams in the world, desired and organized by Stefano Bencistà Falorni, will take place at the Enoteca Falorni in Greve in Chianti (Florence), on Sunday 5 November, from 12pm to 6pm collaboration with the social cooperative La Stadera, to which the proceeds for the "Oggi a lavoro" project will go, dedicated to the employment of disabled children or those with specific disorders within the PostAzione Social Bar. The cost of the tasting is 50 euros (to book a table, you can call the wine shop on 055 8546404 or 338 1979614).

From the home-made raw ham signed by Falorni of “Cinta Senese DOP” matured for more than 30 months to the Spanish Jamon Joselito Gran Reserva of 2018, from the black pigs of the NebroDok raw ham of the Dall'Ava family to the 36-month ham signed by Rosa dell'Angelo : the most delicious hams in the square will be tasted paired with the wines of the Greve winemakers, for a day that combines the best food research with good deeds, aimed at those who bring an improvement for the young people in difficulty in the area. The Stadera Cooperativa Sociale Onlus, established in December 2004, is made up of a group of young educator members who have been working together for years in the Chianti area and surrounding areas, dealing in particular with disabled minors, with specific disorders or in difficult situations, through targeted projects and interventions. In particular, the proceeds from the tasting will go to participate in the "Oggi a lavoro" project, which involves the employment of people with disabilities within the PostAzione social bar as support figures for the bartenders. The insertion will be followed by a professional educator who will favor the integration of the children involved in the work cycles, with specific tasks suited to the development of the person's potential and the maintenance of the skills acquired during the school career. In this way, the cooperative acts to promote the autonomy and integration of disabled workers in society, strengthening their relational skills, in order to promote an inclusive work culture.

For lovers of taste and artisanal research, the Enoteca Falorni will present the protagonists of the tasting on the day, starting with the house product, the Prosciutto Falorni from "Cinta Senese DOP": recognizable by the length of the bone, the flavor intense and prolonged, the few fatty parts have a very delicate taste; aged for over 30 months, it is good at any time, to melt in the mouth and to savor on its own.

International guest will be the Jamon Joselito Gran Reserva of 2018, product of the Joselito company - founded in 1868 in the small town of Guijuelo (in Salamanca, Spain), where 6 generations of the same family have already succeeded - it has been declared "El mejor Jamon del mundo”: it comes from the best pigs bred extensively which allows them to feed themselves naturally, mainly with acorns. The maturation, lasting over 42 months in the cellars, determines the quality of the ham, processed in an absolutely natural way.

The other guest of the day comes from the Friulian Dall'Ava family, from the exploration of the universe of pig breeds, in search of pigs other than the Padano Heavy Pig, traditionally used for San Daniele. The raw NebroDok comes from the Black Pig of the Nebrodi Mountains in Sicily, raised in the wild and feeds on the vegetation of the undergrowth: two characteristics that make its meat deliciously tasty. Breeders generally slaughter it early, about a year after birth, which is why it has limited availability, a characteristic that makes it even more original.

Finally, the 36-month Rosa dell'Angelo black pork raw ham, with its deep red color and intense flavour, recalls the scent of the forest and has a deep sweetness that comes from the type of outdoor farming and diet. It is raised outdoors in large hilly areas in Rivalta in the province of Parma, under the sun, wind and rain: the pig is free to feed on fresh grass, roots, tubers, berries and acorns that it finds in nature, to which cereals and legumes are added. Production takes place in the Traversetolo ham factory and is strictly artisanal, made by hand and without the use of additives, with maturation for a minimum of 36 months.

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