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Amadori, new logo to accompany the Group into the future

Immediate, distinctive and contemporary, it updates Amadori's identity root: continuity between a history of success and a future of new goals, with the aim of being the consumers' reference for quality proteins

30, May 2023

Amadori entrusts a new logo with the task of accompanying its corporate brand into the future and of demonstrating the important transformation that the Group has started. In confirming the history and identity of the brand, the new logo certifies the will to evolve the perimeter within which Amadori has grown in recent decades, to the point of becoming one of the symbols of the national poultry supply chain and of Italian food quality.
The new graphic sign imposes itself "free", testifying to the ambition to overcome the boundaries that have characterized the company's offer up to now, thanks to good and innovative products, including plant-based ones, with the aim of making of Amadori a point of reference for proteins in Italy.
"Amadori has always represented more than a brand: it is a company built on strong and shared values, which stands out for its passion, sincerity and transparency, quality and the ability to innovate" - explains Matteo Conti, Central Director Strategic marketing. “The new logo marks these values by making the company name 'speak', nothing more and nothing less. Fonts and colors are in continuity with the original identity of the brand, they express quality, naturalness and freshness as well as, at a deeper level, serenity and hope. The dot over the 'i', which stands out thanks to the red and slightly ovoid shape placed horizontally, becomes a pictogram that hints at both the passion and the basis of the integrated supply chain (the egg), the architrave and pride of our production system."
Simplicity and immediacy, recognition and freshness are the guidelines followed by Amadori's Strategic Marketing together with Goodmind, the Turin Brand Design agency, in designing the new visual identity of the corporate brand. A meticulous work where every element of meaning has been considered to point out the authentic Italian spirit of the products signed by Amadori.
The new logo will make its debut from June signing the new advertising campaign, it will then be applied to the entire Corporate Identity and will become the distinctive element of the next impressive graphic restyling of Amadori branded products.

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