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ARAER in action to help farmers in difficulty

Flood in Romagna, the Regional Breeders Association of Emilia Romagna mobilizes

18, May 2023

The Regional Breeders Association of Emilia Romagna (ARAER) has taken the field to support the farmers of Romagna affected by the devastating flood that hit the entire territory, sowing death and destruction.

All the staff and offices of the territorial offices in Forlì and Ravenna are available to farmers to respond to the various needs, even if they operate in an extremely difficult situation also due to landslides and road interruptions.

“We are in permanent contact with the Region and the Civil Protection to coordinate the interventions based on the different needs that are presented to us - explains the director, Claudio Bovo - and we are hypothesizing together with the Institutions a Plan for the supply of feed and fodder intended for the feeding of the animals, which in various contexts must be made safe due to the structural damage of the stables. We are deploying all our skills and available resources to deal with a situation that defining dramatic is an understatement. Already today, in collaboration with the institutions and where the hydrogeological conditions allow, we will intervene for any evacuation of the animals".

“The reality that our associates and the Romagna breeders system are experiencing goes beyond any harmful imagination - intervenes the president, Maurizio Garlappi - in these moments, as happened during the pandemic and 11 years ago with the earthquake that shocked Emilia, ARAER knows and will be able to demonstrate all its resilience and ability to support an important sector, linked to the territory and which represents a reality and a historical memory of that territory that cannot be lost. Our closeness to the Romagna livestock sector is total and above all concrete. The immediate commitment that we are making available is tangible confirmation of this".

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