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ASSICA and the new Government: 'the pork and cured meat supply chain ready to make its contribution to the relaunch of the country'

"The pork and cured meats supply chain is ready to play its role to the full and for this reason we offer the new Minister of Agriculture and his government colleagues a first note of key issues that are of crucial interest to the more than 200 companies and 29,000 employees of the pork and cured meats sector "

24, Oct 2022

Ruggero Lenti, president of ASSICA, communicates that "in expressing my warmest congratulations to the new government in office, I wish to extend sincere wishes to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and the entire government structure for good work. These will be decisive weeks for many dossiers and crucial for the stability of the country.

For this reason it will be fundamental the comparison and involvement with the social partners on the issues of securing and relaunching the strategic sectors of our nation."


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