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Assica: the 'meat sounding' bill, a long-awaited act. The initiative to restore fairness and clarity to the market is a good one

Proposed law on meat sounding

01, Mar 2023

An excellent initiative that they have been waiting for a long time and for which we have worked hard for a long time. We thank the honorable Carloni, president of the Agriculture Commission of the Chamber and first signatory, and all the honorable persons who signed the bill" thus Ruggero Lenti, president of Assica, commented on the recent publication of the bill on meat sounding .
"We have been witnessing the unpleasant phenomenon of usurpation of meat names by products that have nothing to do with it for years - continued Lenti. It is right to restore dignity to a sector made up of so much competence and human ability, traditions and commitment and daily investments to improve foods essential to our diet".
The name of meat sounding includes all those cases in which the name of a typically and traditionally meat-based product is used on products that do not contain meat, but are usually obtained from vegetable ingredients. Initially born with soy-based products, in recent years it has spread quite widely and rapidly, involving a whole series of plant-based products that have a production process, a nutritional profile and ingredients that have nothing to do with the originals from which they copy the name.
"These are absolutely legitimate products - observes the president of Assica - but they should just as legitimately use names distinct from those of meat: meat-based products encompass a set of human skills, nutritional profiles and even cultural values that are profoundly different from imitations vegetable."
The bill aims to clarify this, not only for better consumer information, but also to ensure fair competition between operators in the food sector.
"We have always been attentive to this phenomenon and to the correct regulation of the production of pork and cured meats: the issuing already in 2005 of the so-called Decreto Salumi - strongly desired by Assica, explains Lenti - which establishes clear rules for the use of the names of main delicatessen products is proof of the concrete commitment that we have lavished on the subject. We now hope that the bill can advance rapidly and soon become law in order to have an increasingly modern and complete regulatory framework. This too is economic and social sustainability. "

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