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Assocarni: good amendment to ban the use of meat names for vegetable products

A decisive step for the protection of the entire livestock sector

07, Jul 2023

The IX Agriculture and Agri-Food Production Commission of the Senate, chaired by Senator Luca De Carlo, yesterday approved an amendment signed by Senators Gian Marco Centinaio and Giorgio Maria Bergesio as part of the bill that prohibits the marketing of synthetic foods in Italy which prohibits the use of typical denominations of meat to define products containing only vegetable ingredients.

“We welcome this important decision” - stated the President of Assocarni Serafino Cremonini. This is a decisive step for the protection of the entire livestock sector since the marketing of plant-based products, which use the usual and descriptive names referring to meat, can clearly lead Italian consumers to think, erroneously, that these imitations are substitutes equal to meat. The question - continued Cremonini - is not to prevent the consumption of vegetable substitutes for meat, but simply to call the products by their name. It is evident that these products do not have at all the same nutritional value as natural meat. Even if consumers know that there is no meat in a "vegan hamburger" - concluded Cremonini - they could be led to believe that it is a product with equivalent nutritional value, while they are ultra-processed plant foods with the addition of chemical additives to alter its flavor and texture”.


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