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Assocarni expresses satisfaction with EU Parliament vote

Cattle excluded from the Industrial Emissions Directive

12, Jul 2023

Assocarni expresses satisfaction with the vote of the EU ParliamentEssocarni expresses satisfaction with the vote against of the European Parliament, which in plenary session today in Strasbourg rejected the European Commission's proposal that would have to include cattle farms in the scope of the directive on industrial emissions. The majority of MEPs understood the great value of the cattle sector in its aspects of circularity, of territorial protection by the farmer, of commitment of the sector to produce more with fewer resources, and of its constant contribution to food security, avoiding having to dependent in the future on third countries and production standards that are far from from European models.

We hope - concludes Assocarni - that the EU Commission, during the trialogue (Commission, Council and Parliament) withdraw its proposal to take into account the decisions of the forum that most of all represents European democracy.


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