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Rejected amendment that would have essentially cleared synthetic food across the EU

The Democratic Party MEP calls for a 'granite bloc' between Mediterranean countries 'in defence of the food-nature link'

21, Sep 2023

On the amendment that would have essentially cleared synthetic food throughout Europe, a transversal majority was consolidated. Although the text put to the vote at the Agriculture Commission of the European Parliament included a paragraph that defined synthetic meat as an opportunity to be exploited, thanks to the amendments presented by MEP Paolo De Castro (Pd - Pse), together with his colleague Daniela Rondinelli and others deputies of the Socialists and Democrats group, the amendment was put in the minority and rejected.

The Honorable De Castro himself claims the result and, in a note, points out how this transversal vote was obtained by "eliminating any reference to laboratory food and underlining the importance of new sustainable biotechnologies in the global challenge for sustainable agriculture able to produce more, using fewer inputs".

"Science offers us much more sustainable solutions" than cultured meat, with "new technologies for assisted evolution of plants, which can lead to a short-term increase in European production of vegetable proteins, thanks to more productive and more resistant varieties" , continues De Castro, who concludes: "As Mediterranean countries we will have to be able to create a granite block to defend the food-nature bond, which risks being replaced due to visions opposed to ours, especially on the part of Northern European countries ".

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Brussels, Belgium, 20/09/2023 14:11
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