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Cattle: fewer farms in Lombardy (-1.38%) but meat consumption grows (+0.5%)

Data provided by the regional producers' consortium on the eve of the 1st Red Meat Festival

14, Sep 2023

Lights and shadows on red beef, on the eve of tomorrow's eagerly awaited event in Mantua. In Lombardy, the farms numerically decreased to 7888 (-1.38%) in June 2023. At the same time, the quantity of cattle decreased: 319,388 (-0.55%) [source:]. Things are definitely better in terms of beef consumption, which grew in quantity by 0.5% in the period February-July 2023, compared to the same half of 2022, while in value the increase stood at +5.9%.

This was reported by the Lombardy Beef Producers Consortium (346 members, 432 farms for a livestock herd of around 95,000 animals), on the eve of the 1st Red Meat Festival (Mantua, 16 September 2023), promoted by the same Consortium (read news EFA News). “The increase in prices is inevitably linked to inflation – states Primo Cortelazzi, president of the Lombardy Consortium of Beef Producers – but the increase in spending was decidedly more limited compared to, for example, fresh pork, which in the same period seen a drop in consumption of -1.93%, compared to a +10.1% trend in terms of price".

The data relating to the May-July 2023 quarter are even more comforting: +4% trend evolution in quantity and +6.5% in value [source]. “It is the confirmation, if not of a strong revival in consumption – comments Cortelazzi – of a growth in demand which we consider positive and which is unfortunately only partially supporting market prices, in the face of a declining supply of Italian meat. This means that the positive trend in beef consumption is only partly linked to Italian meat, to which frozen or refrigerated foreign meat is preferred for price reasons".

Furthermore, in the month of May alone, purchases of beef from abroad rose by +6.05% trend, with Poland, France, the Netherlands and Spain appearing as the main suppliers of the product in the first five months of 2023, thanks to the price factor, which makes these countries more competitive compared to Italy.

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Mantua, MN, Italy, 09/15/2023 12:52 pm
EFA News - European Food Agency

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