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Burger Battle 2023, the winner is Rocco Camasta

Apulian chef crowned King of the Perfect Gourmet Hamburger

21, Feb 2023

A contest that aims to raise the quality of fast food, starting with the hamburger: yesterday ended the fifth edition of Burger Battle, an event that over the course of the year has seen 60 Italian chefs challenge each other and that has decreed, during Beer & Food Attraction, the winner of the perfect gourmet hamburger; its name is Rimini, and it was created by Apulian Chef Rocco Camasta. An exceptional jury and many important sponsors contributed to the success of the event: almost 4000 visitors at the stand to watch the final, with more than 3500 sandwiches served in addition to the highly appreciated 10 kg and 50 cm diameter burger made by Chef Marco Baldoni.

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