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Goats: Sardinia retains the lead

However, the sector suffers from too low prices and poor remuneration

19, Sep 2023

Not just sheep. According to official data from the National Database, Sardinia confirms its primacy in goat husbandry. Throughout the island, there are 281,434 livestock animals. Calabria (109,425 animals) and Sicily (96,964 animals) follow in the regional ranking. In Sardinia there are 4,246 farms and approximately 17 million liters of milk are produced per year.

The price paid by both industrialists and the cooperative system is estimated at around 1.08 euros per liter in 2023: a figure considered too low to cover production costs. According to the president of the Centro Studi Agricoli Tore Piana, to make goat farming profitable enough, milk should be paid 1.30 euros/litre, where this livestock sector is historically considered disadvantaged compared to the sheep sector: in the past it was calculated at 20% lower than that paid for sheep's milk, so much so that the price of goat's cheeses does not differ much from that of sheep's milk.

Yet, the Study Center observes, the price paid per liter is significantly lower, in light of the fact that goats have almost the same diet as sheep: fodder, fresh grass, feed in the same daily ration as sheep. Piana therefore launches an appeal to all goat farmers for a possible forum on the critical issues of the sector and the start of the process for the recognition of the "Capretto di Sardegna PGI". This would be, concludes the president of the Agricultural Studies Centre, a first step towards redeeming a neglected sector, despite being worth around 53 million euros in related activities per year.

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Cagliari, CA, Italy, 09/18/2023 4:19 pm
EFA News - European Food Agency

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