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Carne Genuina pushes for environmental sustainability

New investment round for the Bergamo startup: 150,000 euros raised in 24 hours

05, Sep 2023

In mid-2022, Carne Genuina closed its first equity crowdfunding campaign on Opstart. After a year and a half, the company is back in collection with even more ambitious goals. Carne Genuina is the startup established in 2020, founded in Treviglio in the province of Bergamo, with the experience of three generations of farmers behind it: it allows you to buy zero-impact meat directly from the network of selected farmers and receive it at home throughout Italy, by refrigerated courier. Its main operations are packaging, paying close attention to the environment, and logistics up to shipping, direct to the consumer's table.

The new Carne Genuina campaign immediately aroused the interest of investors, so much so that in the first 24 hours the startup collected more than 150,000 euros in subscriptions. "With the funds from the collection, we will carry out our innovative project, marking an epochal turning point in the sector in which we operate and becoming a food tech company to all intents and purposes - underlines Mattia Assanelli, CEO of the startup-. Today is the site of the most visited sector in Italy with an average of 90,000 unique monthly users".

"All the numbers tell us that the path taken is the right one -adds Assanelli-. To ensure consumers quality meat by drastically reducing the environmental impact typical of a sector like ours. We did this thanks to the photovoltaic panels installed on all our structures, the baobabs planted in Kenya and the bamboo grove adopted in Italy. But we are working on an even more ambitious project: this is why we have decided to reopen the capital to a new crowdfunding campaign".

"We are working on a much more structured innovation project - continues the CEO - which sees us as the leader but which also involves other companies with vertical skills that will allow us to reduce our carbon footprint at the origin". Carne Genuina aims to make the meat supply chain truly sustainable, becoming a facilitator of best practices and aggregator of data relating to traceability, well-being, sustainability and biodiversity to better accompany the choices of its customers.

The project Carne Genuina is working on is based on three pillars: sustainability, animal welfare and biodiversity. The challenge is to use IoT sensors capable of measuring a series of stable environmental parameters and integrate them with parameters proportional to animal welfare.

The data will be validated according to a protocol designed by the Federico II University of Naples, made available in real time on the site and saved on the blockchain. Carne Genuina's solution involves the use of IoT technologies developed by the Cynomys company.

After the various initiatives adopted to reduce the environmental impact of the products sold on its e-commerce, the company wants to take this project to a further level by promoting the reduction of CH4 (methane) and CO2 from farms through innovative solutions already selected. Also in this case, all data will be saved in the blockchain and can be consulted in real time through an online dashboard. These actions will then be subject to a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and appropriate certification.

The protection of biodiversity will be pursued by installing innovative sensors created by 3Bee, a startup founded by former research doctorate students of the Milan Polytechnic and able to measure biodiversity through devices that will be positioned in the crops of the contributing companies. The measurement of biodiversity will determine a series of improvement actions that will lead, over the years, to an improvement in the biodiversity of the contributing companies.

Food & grocery is among the best performing sectors among those that populate online purchases and the numbers speak for themselves: in 2020 in Italy it reached a value of 2.9 billion euros, marking a surge of + 84%. In 2021 there is a further leap forward, with an increase of +38% compared to the previous year, for a value of over 4 billion euros.

Rome, RM, Italy, 04/09/2023 20:44
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