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Synthetic meat: manifesto of 39 organizations to say "no"

Among the objectives: to combat the desertification of the countryside and protect the health of consumers

21, Jun 2023

An unprecedented, broad and composite alliance is born to claim the defense of the culture of quality food and push against the artificial and synthetic one, which includes Acli, AcliTerra, Adusbef, Anpit, Asi, AssoBio, Centro Consumatori Italia, Cia, Cna, City of Wine, City of Oil, Codacons, Codes, Consulta District of Food, ctg, Coldiretti, Demeter, Ecofuturo, Ewa, Federbio, Federparchi, Fipe, Qualivita Foundation, UniVerde Foundation, Globe, Greenaccord, Gre, Italia Nostra , Kyoto Club, Lega Consumatori, Masci, Movimento Consumatori Naturasi, Salesians for social work, Slow food Italy, Unpli, Wilderness.

The initiative was launched by the representatives of the various organizations during a meeting in the Coldiretti Headquarters Council Room and has as its primary objective the signing of "a Manifesto to explain the reasons for the alliance and open discussions with institutions, associations, the scientific world , businesses and citizens for starting a battle – the one against synthetic and artificial food – which it is possible to win", the organizations argue, "even in a European projection, in the certainty of acting for the common good".

"An assumption of responsibility - concludes the joint note - in the search for technical and value-based reasons to counter the real risks of desertification of the countryside, financial speculation and patent monopoly together with alarming concerns for the health of consumers".

Rome, RM, Italy, 20/06/2023 11:51
EFA News - European Food Agency

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