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Meat: at the EFPRA Congress, the circular economy is back in the spotlight

In Naples, the European Rendering Association relaunches the debate on the future of one of the most sustainable sectors

05, Jun 2023

Building an increasingly sustainable future. With this objective, from 7 to 10 June the world of rendering will meet in Naples on the occasion of the 21st congress of the EFPRA-European Fat Processors and Renderers Association, the European Association of companies operating in the sector.

Doing the honors will be ASSOGRASSI, the National Association of Animal Fat and Protein Producers, at the forefront of organizing the event, which will take place at the Hotel Royal Continental (see Partenope 38).

"Rendering", i.e. the collection and processing of by-products of animal origin, is an activity with a high rate of sustainability, since it gives a "second life" to meat waste, for health safety, they must be collected and treated in installations authorized by EU legislation. Operators in the sector select and process the raw material, enhancing it to produce feed for pets and farm animals, detergents, fuels, fertilizers.

After complicated years due to the pandemic, the EFPRA congress intends to put the circular economy back at the center of the debate, expanding the discussion well beyond the European borders. The main production lines for companies in the sector today are linked to biofuel and feed, apparently different issues, but essential in the current economic scenario, which sees green energy and the sustainability of all agro-industrial activities increasingly central. With this in mind, the congress will be attended by academic speakers, representatives of institutions, the world of research and large companies, all called to contribute ideas and useful proposals.

The congress program will be very dense and includes some events of international importance for the world of rendering, starting with the General Assembly of EFPRA, scheduled for Thursday 8 June, at 2.00pm. At 3.30pm, the WRO General Assembly, the Organization world of the sector.

Finally, on Friday 9 June, at 2 pm, the Assograssi General Assembly will take place, which provides for the renewal of the corporate bodies, the election of the new board and that of the new president.

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