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Meat: London increases imports from Brazil (with fewer controls)

The agreement between the two governments also provides for more flexibility in preventing bird flu

20, Jul 2023

Now free from European constraints, the British government has put an end to the tightened controls on meat products imported from Brazil. A decision that was welcomed "with satisfaction" by the Brazilian government. At the same time, London has ordered the full resumption of the establishment authorization system on the recommendation of the Brazilian health authorities.

The failed measure was based on the technical audit report carried out by the UK teams in October 2022, which focused on the Brazilian system of inspection of products of animal origin, in particular beef and poultry. It was the first British audit mission abroad after Brexit.

The audit mission acknowledged that Brazil had resolved the issues relating to its sanitary and phytosanitary regulatory system which had led to the imposition of the re-enforced checks. "The decision of the British authorities confirms the excellence of the Brazilian official health controls, which guarantee the quality and safety of the products consumed in Brazil and in the importing countries", reads a note from the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture.

The British government has also announced the regionalization of the Brazilian territory at the state level in relation to bird flu. In this way, any outbreaks of the disease that could occur in Brazil will no longer lead to the closure of the UK market for all poultry meat exports, but only for those originating from the state where the disease has been identified. The decision reflects the solid partnership between Brazil and the United Kingdom, adopting a precautionary approach in order to preserve trade between the two countries.

The agreement reached is the result of close coordination between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, both in Brasilia and in London. The announcement follows negotiations that the Brazilian embassy in the UK has held with the British side since the implementation of Brexit.

The UK is a major destination for meat exported from Brazil. In 2022, Brazil exported US$282.2 million of poultry meat and about US$134.5 million of beef. Since Brexit, Brazilian agricultural exports to the UK have increased by 67%, reaching $1.8 billion in 2022.

London, United Kingdom, 19/07/2023 16:57
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