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Presentation of “Meats and cured meats: the new frontiers of sustainability” book

In Rome on June 8th

07, Jun 2023

“Meats and cured meats: the new frontiers of sustainability”. This is the title of the new report on the sustainability of meat and cured meats in Italy, published by the Franco Angeli publishing house with the contribution of Carni Sostenibili. The volume, available from 31 May 2023 in all bookstores, will be presented on 8 June in Rome (at the Hotel Trevi) and represents the expanded and updated revision of the latest interdisciplinary study published in 2018 to describe the "5 faces" of meat sustainability: nutrition, environmental impacts, the circular economy applied to farms and industry, food safety and animal welfare, the economic aspects of the supply chains and the fight against food waste.

This new text includes all the updates to deepen the important scientific and technological innovations that have recently emerged. June 8 will be an opportunity to meet the book with its authors, Elisabetta Bernardi, specialist in Food Science, biologist and nutritionist, Ettore Capri, professor of Agricultural Chemistry at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart and Giuseppe Pulina , professor of Ethics and Sustainability of Livestock Farms at the University of Sassari. Luigi Scordamaglia, managing director of Filiera Italia and Andrea Bertaglio, journalist and writer, moderator of the event will also participate.

At the center of the meeting the great challenges of sustainability and innovation affecting the livestock sector to "produce more with fewer resources", in a more "sustainable", efficient way, with attention to the environment and animal welfare. An important moment not only for discussion, but also an opportunity to illustrate the new topics covered in the volume, such as the new, more accurate methods of calculating environmental impacts, the preservation of biodiversity, the role of farms in the ecological transition, the new opportunities of the bioeconomy and the circular economy, as well as news from the scientific world on the topics of nutrition and health.

Carni Sostenibili.

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