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Umbrian pork, OK for export from the USA

Washington will authorise the export of fresh and short-aged products

24, Aug 2023

Significant recognition for the Umbria Region by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (Aphis), the US government body that deals with the health surveillance of animals and plants, which has recognized the regional control system as secure with regard to swine vesicular disease safety, which represents the first step towards exports to the US territory of fresh pork and short-aged pork products from our region. This was reported by the regional councilor for health and social policies Luca Coletto.

"This recognition - underlines the councilor Coletto - represents an important result and enhances the coordinated and joint work between the Ministry of Health, regions, embassies, associations and territorially competent veterinary services of the prevention departments of the ASL which with their work have contributed in fundamental way to demonstrate and guarantee compliance with the hygienic-sanitary safety requirements required by the Americans".

Until now, only pork products subjected to a transformation or seasoning process of more than 400 days capable of inactivating the virus, obtained in plants specifically authorized for US exports, could be exported from Umbria. With the current regulatory change, the meat of pigs reared in Umbria can also be used for the export of fresh meat and fresh short-aged meat, still processed in specifically authorized plants.

In detail, on August 23, 2023, Docket No. APHIS–2023–0028 – “Swine Vesicular Disease Status of the Regions of Tuscany and Umbria, Italy” was published on the US Federal Register, with which Aphis proposes the inclusion of the Regions of Umbria and Tuscany in the list of areas recognized as free from swine vesicular disease following a risk assessment considered satisfactory and which would allow the export of fresh pork and short-mature pork obtained from pigs from these areas. Under US lawmaking, it will take 69 days after publication before this deed becomes legal by the US Government.

Perugia, PG, Italy, 23/08/2023 14:14
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