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High energy prices, agribusiness also in the doldrums

Filiera Italia: 'Price cap or we will stop'

26, Aug 2022

"With gas at 315 euros per MWh, the agrifood supply chain, which is continuing to operate in the interest of the country under extreme pressure and with ever-increasing losses, is in serious danger of coming to a halt." This is the alarm raised by Luigi Scordamaglia, CEO of Filiera Italia.

"All sectors are important," he stresses, "but if it were our supply chain, which as a whole is worth €570 billion in sales (25 percent of national GDP) and employs 4 million people, to stop, the situation would become really critical.

And a shortage on the shelves of some products is not ruled out since - he says - breeders and the food industry "are operating with increasingly large losses due to exploded energy costs with no limit in sight," so much so that "there is no longer talk of margin erosion (long in the negative), but of a possible stop in production with supply problems on the domestic market and on our exports."

"Let the parties engaged in the election campaign take note of the gravity and extraordinariness of the situation, and give across the board a full mandate to the government still in office to provide energy and gas at a capped price to the essential supply chains - starting with the agri-food sector - and to negotiate with the support of all in Brussels a European price cap immediately," urges Scordamaglia.

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Roma, RM, Italia, 25/08/2022 18:13
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