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Cattel Spa starts the Piedmontese Fassona project

With the CO.AL.VI certification

19, Jul 2023

There are over 8,000 products in the catalog of Cattel Spa, a leading brand in the distribution of food and non-food products in the horeca channel of Northeastern Italy. A vast assortment, constantly enriched with sought-after and quality novelties. Among these, there is the important Piedmontese Fassona project, a well-known and highly appreciated local specialty that enriches the already large meat segment, developed and managed by the Category Manager Simone Fantato.

Distributed under the Valdora Selezione brand, the fine fassone beef is a flagship of the national gastronomic sector. In fact, the world envies Italy for this breed of cattle (one of the 5 most important breeds in our country) with unique anatomical characteristics, firmly linked to the territory, whose hyper-muscular heads and almost no subcutaneous fat (less than 2%) they continue to be fed with feed and forage produced mostly locally. "The term fassone derives from a slang expression of the ancient Piedmontese dialect of French derivation: façon, which means way or manner" explains Fantato, promoter of the project. “The Piedmontese breeders used - and still use - the term fassone to identify an animal "in a way", "right" in the sense that it expresses in the right measure the characteristics of the Piedmontese thigh breed: a surprising muscular development, an important growth and a meat with an absolutely unique quality, particularly tender, tasty but delicate, obtained from young animals (18-22 months) with a "double rump", indicating the powerful development of the muscular masses".

The authenticity of this delicacy is certified for Cattel by CO.AL.VI, the Consortium for the Protection of the Piedmontese Breed as well as the first body in Italy to have developed a voluntary labeling specification for the Piedmontese Breed, approved by the Ministry of Agricultural Policies (IT007ET ). A certification, that of CO.AL.VI on Valdora Selezione Fassona Piemontese, strongly desired by Cattel for a greater guarantee of quality for the customer.

With an assortment of seven cuts specially designed for catering (from fillet to sirloin, from tartare to sirloin to picanha...), Cattel opens up countless new culinary possibilities with superior, very lean meat, which is particularly suitable for raw preparations, but also in typical Piedmontese preparation with tuna sauce or cooked.

Lean, tender and juicy, with a considerable amount of unsaturated fatty acids, fassone meat is established to all intents and purposes as a modern meat, because it is produced in sustainable systems and is suitable for a balanced and healthy diet. To offer the consumer all possible guarantees, Cattel works only and exclusively with a single supplier (a single breeder, a single slaughterhouse and a single supplier) and has opted, as mentioned, for the certification of a third party body. “With the CO.AL.VI certification, we are able to demonstrate the truthfulness of what we offer” continues Simone Fantato. "Unique in Italy, we can say that our product is real Piedmontese fassona - certified - and not generic adult bovine meat".

The fassona meat certified under the Valdora Selezione brand testifies to Cattel's constant commitment to identifying, proposing and distributing the best gastronomic excellences to the full advantage of the sector.

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