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Poor state of preservation: 100 kg of seafood and other products seized

The joint Asl-Carabinieri operation was set up in a restaurant in the Neapolitan area

03, May 2024

One hundred kilograms of seafood and other products in poor condition. This is the quantity seized by the Roccarainola (Naples) forestry carabinieri unit, with the help of Na3 Sud Asl personnel, in a restaurant in Cimitile, near Naples. The confiscated material concerned clams, mussels and other bivalve molluscs, some of them with open shells, together with cuttlefish, farinaceous and frozen food that had expired.

In the presence of the owner of the business, the military, assisted by the ASL, ascertained the poor state of preservation of the foodstuffs and the failure to comply with the hygiene and health requirements to ensure their edibility. The legal representative of the business, 55 years old, and the manager of the premises, 51 years old, were referred to the competent Public Prosecutor's Office. Meanwhile, the seized foodstuffs were destroyed on site by an authorised company.

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Cimitile, NA, Italia, 02/05/2024 15:53
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