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Artificial foods and Meat sounding

Artificial foods and Meat sounding, the Lombardy Beef Producers Consortium: approval of the law banning the production, consumption and sale of synthetic meat is welcome

17, Nov 2023

“The legislation approved yesterday by Parliament contributes to providing clarity regarding meat-based products and prohibits the use of this terminology in plant-based products, thus providing clearer information to consumers. The commitment of the Government and of the Minister of Agriculture Francesco Lollobrigida and the strong push of Coldiretti have also led to the result of banning the production, consumption and marketing of cultivated meat, a result that takes note of the opposition of Italian citizens to meat synthetic, dangerous drift against real animal husbandry, against the correct circular economy and against the Mediterranean diet".

Thus Primo Cortelazzi, president of the Lombardy Beef Producers Consortium (346 members, 432 farms for a livestock herd of around 95,000 animals), comments on the final approval in the Chamber of the law which introduces the ban on the production and marketing of cell-based foods for food or animal feed.

For Cortelazzi it is also an opportunity to recall the results of a recent survey conducted by the University of Verona on a sample of 342 subjects, from which it emerged that almost 9 out of 10 consumers (89.8%) ask to know what they buy, so much so that traceability is considered essential information for the consumer, whether it is information in general or in the case in which red meat represents an ingredient in the dish to be consumed.

The communication campaign in favor of the consumption of sustainable Italian red meat that the Lombardy Beef Producers Consortium will define with the support of the Lombardy Region fits into this perspective.

Consorzio Lombardo Produttori Carne Bovina

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