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Coldiretti wants a ban on test-tube meat

In Monselice collection of signatures to say no to synthetic food

03, Nov 2022

The campaign to say no to synthetic food and meat in test tubes made a stop in Monselice in the province of Padua. The initiative is promoted by Coldiretti Giovani Impresa, the Campagna Amica Foundation, the Filiera Italia and the World Farmers Markets Coalition. The young farmers of Coldiretti Padua collected the signatures in the stand set up at the Fiera dei Santi.

“It is the new appointment of an initiative that is extending to the whole province starting from the markets of Campagna Amica Padova - explains Matteo Rango of Coldiretti Giovani Impresa Padova-. The multinationals of synthetic food, the one in test tubes are trying to impose on the market the meat produced in the laboratory, the milk without cows up to the fish without seas, lakes and rivers ".

"A synthetic food - adds Rango - that could soon flood the European market since the first requests for marketing authorization could be introduced at EU level at the beginning of 2023. This is why everyone's commitment is important, no one excluded. It is necessary to make citizens aware of the risks that could exist, valuing what is our daily bread: natural food ”.


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