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Confagricoltura, ok to amendment on wild boars

The confederation applauds the initiative, which 'benefits health and the meat industry'.

27, Dec 2022

Confagricoltura has made it known that it welcomes "the amendment on the containment measures of the wild boar community in Italy approved by the Budget Committee of the Chamber". The government's decision to proceed with a felling programme, the implementation of which will be the responsibility of the Carabinieri unit command for forest, environmental and agri-food protection, "responds to the Confederation's requests to put a stop to the spread of the wild species".

The measure approved in the Commission the day before yesterday with the amendment signed by Tommso Foti (Brothers of Italy), provides that to participate in the control plans of the number of wild boars which provide for the killing and capture of animals also in the city, are hunters "after attending training courses" coordinated by agents of the regional or provincial police forces.

The plans are authorized by the Regions, after consultation with the Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, if other control measures have proved ineffective. In addition to trained hunters, the authorities in charge of coordinating the plans can make use of the owners or tenants of the grounds in which the plans are implemented, provided they are licensed for hunting, and even in their case, after attending training courses training.

Finally, the hunting guards, agents of the local police force, may be involved, with the possible support, but in technical and coordination terms, of the personnel of the unit command for forest, environmental and agri-food protection of the Carabinieri.

"The uncontrolled proliferation of these animals is not only a threat to agricultural activities and to the safety of citizens, but it is also the main encouragement of the dreaded swine fever virus, a real nightmare for the entire Italian pig production chain - he points out in an official Confagriclltura release -. In this sense, it is important that the amendment provides for the hygienic-sanitary analysis of killed wild boars. The spread of the virus, in fact, has prompted various countries to limit and in some cases, to prohibit the import of Italian products derived from pork".

The sector in Italy, according to data released by the confederation, has almost 9 million heads, bred on over 30,000 farms: with exports of 1.5 billion euros in 2021, the total turnover (production of farms and turnover of the processing industry) is close to 11 billion Euros. Pig production and the turnover of the salami industry account for just over 5% of the total national agricultural production and the turnover of the entire Italian agri-food industry.

"The confederation understands and shares the rationale behind the decision to extend the killings to protected and urban areas, even in periods of hunting silence and hunting bans. The uncontrolled spread of the species, now present in many Italian cities, requires interventions of an emergency nature".

"Confagricoltura also positively considers the possible involvement of hunting guards, recognized hunters, and local and provincial police officers with a special license -adds the press release-. The guarantee on public safety and on the lawfulness and regularity of culling is guaranteed by the entrusted authority Finally, the long-term vision of the amendment with the provision of an extraordinary five-year plan for the management and containment of wildlife is also positive".

Rome, RM, Italy, 23/12/2022 18:13
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