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Consorzio Sigillo Italiano at ICoMST 2023

Sustainable and certified meat at the 69* International Congress of Meat Science and Technology

20, Aug 2023

The 69th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology, called ICoMST, will take place in Padua from 20 to 25 August. The last one in Italy was held in Rome in 2002. After a long break of 21 years, Padua and Italy are once again the world reference for meat animal husbandry.

The main theme of the 69th ICoMST is “From Tradition to Green Innovation”. The congress will be hosted by several academic organizations from over 55 countries that embody the collaboration of the brightest minds in meat science, research and innovation. Well-known scientists, researchers and scholars will present advanced research works, discuss hot topics, exchange ideas and share their experiences on all aspects of meat science and technology.

Speaking of tradition and sustainable innovation in the field of meat production, the support of the Italian Seal Consortium could not be missing, which on these issues is organizing all the activities based on the SQNZ (National Quality System in Zootechnics) production specifications.

The path towards sustainability, as a synonym of quality and excellence, also passes through research and study of all production phases. Participation in the congress by the Consorzio Sigillo Italiano and all the associated organizations is meant to be a starting point for forging relationships with the academic world in order to develop projects that can personally involve the operators of the supply chain and in particular the breeders, the real fulcrum and starting point for quality productions.

The participation of the Italian Seal Consortium in ICoMST was made possible thanks to the fundamental contribution of the Piedmont Quality Meat Consortium which made available the resources of the communication project financed with the funds of call 2 of measure 3.2 of the PSR 2014-2020 of the Piedmont Region year 2022/2023.

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