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CONTAS, China possible market for lamb meat

The Consortium meets the Chinese FAO Ambassador

20, Mar 2024

China is the largest importer of sheep meat in the world: it imports 1.73 billion dollars annually (sheep meat is in 158th place among the most imported products in the Asian state) which is why in recent days its interest has focused on Sardinia, i.e. the European region that in 2022 exported 4,500 tonnes of lamb meat with a total turnover of 38 million euros in production value.
The main product of the Sardinian agro-pastoral economy in fact had the opportunity to meet the East once again thanks to the Consortium for the Protection of Sardinian Lamb PGI which, after participating in Foodex Japan, from 5 to 8 March in Tokyo, the On 14 March, he met the representatives of the People's Republic of China at the FAO in Bonassai (SS), the headquarters of Agris, the Sardinian agency for scientific research, experimentation and technological innovation in the agricultural sector.

Consorzio di Tutela dell’Agnello di Sardegna Igp

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