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National Conference on Beef Animal Husbandry

A 'Sector Plan' for the re-launch of beef cattle breeding under the banner of Sustainable Quality!

23, Jun 2023

The Italian beef cattle breeding meets on Monday 26 June at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in West Padua to look to the future, despite the problems that emerge every day from the application of the National Development Plan, drawn up by the Ministry at the time of Patuanelli.

At the same table breeders and butchers with the aim of teaming up and working around a precise objective: the drafting of a "sector plan for beef cattle breeding produced in Italy".

Practically the culmination of a path started by the farmers years ago, with the drafting of the National Beef Plan, based on three pillars, substantially already implemented: the National Zootechnical Quality System, the experimentation to produce stalls in Italy and the Interprofession.

The basis for the drafting of the "Sector Plan" is there - said Fabiano Barbisan, President of the AOP Italia Zootecnica - and breeders and slaughterers will ask the ministry to refine it to make it fully operational and bring it to the approval in the State-Regions Conference . Of the same opinion is the new President of Assocarni, Dr. Serafino Cremonini, head of the Association which represents the majority of processing companies in Italy. We have set up in Assocarni the sections dedicated to the strategic sectors for the companies we represent - said Serafino Cremonini - thinking of involving them on the operational tables for the respective sectors (Beef cattle, White-meat calves, Sheep and goats, Poultry, Small processing companies, Foreign trade).

It could be the right year - said Alessandro de Rocco, President of OI Intercarneitalia - if the ministry listens more carefully it will accept our proposals. We share the approach of this new administration led by a Minister who demonstrates day after day "that he is on track" and that he looks at the real problems with intellectual honesty, proving to be sensitive to the real problems of our sector.

Appointment then at the Crowne Plaza at 10.00 to discuss the "Sector Plan" for the relaunch of beef cattle zootechnics under the banner of Sustainable Quality" with Prof. Samuele Trestini (University of Padua), the Director of Aop Italia Zootecnica , Giuliano Marchesin, the Masaf quality policy manager Dr. Pietro Gasparri who, together with Dr. Alessandra Morganti and Dr. Attilio Tonolo, will represent the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry. The conclusions will be made by Senator Luca De Carlo, President of the Agriculture, Tourism, Industry and Agri-Food Production Commission of the Senate.

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