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Fresh meat sector grows by 2.3%

Istat, in 2021 the increase affected producers (+2.1%) and processors (+2.6%)

30, Dec 2022

The fresh meat sector is growing. This is what emerges from the Istat analysis on PDO, PGI and STG quality agri-food products, according to which, with 10,177 operators present, the segment marks a growth of 2.3% in 2021 compared to 2020. An increase that affects both producers (+ 2.1%) and transformers (+2.6%).

61.3% of the operators are concentrated between Sardinia and Lazio: a value that increases if we consider only the producers who, in these regions, represent 67.1% of the national total in the sector and manage 66.8% of the farms.

The situation for transformers spread throughout the territory is more varied, in particular between Campania (29.4%), Tuscany (16.6%) and the Marches (11.4%). Overall, transformers amount to 1,130 units and manage 2,311 plants, with an average ratio of about two plants per company. In order of number of producers in first place we find the Sardinian lamb, followed by the white veal of the central Apennines.

The Istat report highlights how the meat preparation sector, which operates in a branched supply chain logic in which the same operator can participate in the creation of one or more products, is declining.
Companies in this sector report a decrease of 4.5% compared to 2020: a decrease which, to a variable extent, affects almost all quality products in the sector.

This decline becomes even more evident if we look at producers: -6.6%. In 2021, meat products counted 3,010 producers with 3,620 farms located mainly in Lombardy which accounts for 40.9% of producers and 41.8% of farms. Behind are Piedmont (23.6% producers and 22.7% farms) and Emilia-Romagna (14.6% producers and 15.7% farms). Over 40% of the processing companies and plants are concentrated in Emilia-Romagna.

Rome, RM, Italy, 29/12/2022 14:48
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