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Artificial meat ban, EU: 'No comments on substance'

The closure of the notification procedure for Italy took place 'for procedural reasons'.

03, Feb 2024

After the closure of the notification procedure (read EFA News) and the reassurances of the Minister of Agriculture Francesco Lollobrigida (read EFA News), the European Commission, through its spokesperson, is back to intervene on cultured meat. "On the substance of the Italian law the Commission has no comments at this stage, so no comments on the substance," the spokesman said. "The closure of the 'Tris' notification" the notification procedure of the bill "was carried out for procedural reasons because the law was adopted in violation of the standstill that applies under the 'Tris' directive".

The remark that came from Brussels was positively commented by the president of the Agriculture Commission in the Senate, Luca De Carlo: 'There is no stop by the European Union to the law against cultured meat adopted by Italy,' says the parliamentarian with reference to the statements of the EU spokesman.

'I know that some people continue to spread fake news, perhaps hoping to influence the situation, but the reality is that Italy is the first nation in the world to have banned the production and trade of synthetic meat,' De Carlo concludes.

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Brussels, Belgium, 02/02/2024 16:37
EFA News - European Food Agency

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