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Ban on synthetic meat: the majority unites around the bill

"It is neither anti-European nor anti-science" but +Europa asks for a preliminary ruling on constitutionality

15, Nov 2023

The approval of the bill to ban the marketing of synthetic meat is increasingly closer to approval but the opposition is not there. During the debate in the Chamber, the parliamentary group that appeared most directly opposed was that of +Europa, which, considering the ban to be "anti-scientific, anti-European and anti-Italian" and fearing an infringement procedure by the Union European Union, has filed a preliminary ruling on constitutionality.

On the majority front, the group leader of the Fratelli d'Italia Tommaso Foti defended the bill, as it would ensure "the maximum level of protection of citizens' health", while also managing to "preserve the agri-food heritage". The government's position, "unlike what the opposition insists on maintaining, is not at all anti-scientific, anti-European and anti-Italian", Foti said, replying to the +Europa deputies.

According to Aldo Mattia, national manager of the Agriculture Department of Fratelli d'Italia, it is rather the position of +Europa that is "anti-Italian". On the same wavelength, Raffaele Nevi (Forza Italia), who hopes that "Europe will follow our path", explaining that the bill "is not anti-Italian, in fact, it represents the exact opposite".

They are echoed by the president of the Agriculture Commission in Montecitorio Mirco Carloni, who states: "+Europe should know that the measure against synthetic meat does not harm research. It is known that certain members of the scientific community have openly taken sides against this experimentation, nourished by devious propaganda".

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Rome, RM, Italy, 14/11/2023 15:44
EFA News - European Food Agency

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