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Emilia Romagna: over 7 mln euro funds for climate change damage

Regional aid includes both the agricultural sector and aquaculture, which is affected by blue crab

23, May 2024

A breath of fresh air for the agricultural and aquaculture system: for businesses that have suffered damage caused by the effects of climate change and wildlife, and to strengthen actions for the promotion and sale of agri-food products. Today, the Regional Legislative Assembly gave the go-ahead for the government's bill that provides for an allocation of more than EUR 7 million for various interventions, including those supporting potato, rice and sugar beet cultivation.

Also included in the measure are contributions for district contracts, new extraordinary interventions to support aquaculture enterprises aimed at containing the invasive spread of blue crab, the completion of interventions on markets reserved for the direct sale of agricultural products, and the strengthening of wild boar control plans to mitigate the damage caused to crops and ecosystems, and species with fossorial habits.

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Bologna, BO, Italia, 22/05/2024 11:24
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