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Exporting meat and meat products to third countries: Undersecretary Gemmato attentive to the problems of the sector

The objective of the meeting was to highlight and share the objectives achieved in the export of meat and meat products to third countries and to determine new strategies

27, Jul 2023

A meeting of the Export Table was held this morning at the Ministry of Health, promoted by Undersecretary Marcello Gemmato, in the presence of the most representative trade associations of the meat chain, the Ministry of Agriculture, and Senator Maria Nocco. The aim of the meeting was to highlight and share the objectives achieved in the export of meat and related products to third countries and determine new strategies.
Clara Fossato,' the communiqué continued, 'first of all wanted to thank the Undersecretary for the attention reserved for our production sector, demonstrated by activating this round table precisely as a result of UNICEB's requests. Confrontation,' Fossato went on to stress, 'that this government immediately established with the entrepreneurs' representatives and that it showed itself ready to take up and address the main issues raised.
We must acknowledge,' continues Clara Fossato, 'that thanks to the political commitment and the great work done by the competent offices of the General Directorates of Food Safety and Animal Health of the Ministry of Health, we have achieved objectives such as China's recognition of the swine vesicular disease indemnity of the entire Italian territory, as well as the authorisation of a further 11 establishments for the export of beef to that third country. Moreover, it must be acknowledged that this work has also allowed the unblocking of negotiations with Japan for the authorisation of Italian plants for the export of cooked pork products.
During the meeting, the Undersecretary assured the full commitment of the Government - strongly supported and sustained - in tackling the main problem of the national pig sector related to the African swine fever epidemic, anticipating that by the beginning of August a specific working table will be convened in order to define, at a national level, operational guidelines for both breeders and slaughtering and processing facilities.

Rome, 27 July 2023


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