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FABO SI: info for Regione Veneto

Non-repayable financing of 60% for investments in aquaculture. EU Reg. 1139/2021 EMFF 2021/2027 Investments in aquaculture

20, May 2024

As per the schedule published in recent months by the Veneto Region, the tender for investments in aquaculture and mussel farming companies will soon be operational, with a non-repayable contribution of 60%, presumably for the following investments:
1) Purchase of equipment or machinery for aquaculture plants;
2) Purchase/modernization of boats serving the farms including harvesting and processing machinery on board;
3) Purchase of equipment aimed at protecting farms from predators;
4) Plants for the production of energy from renewable sources;
5) Purchase of refrigerated vehicles for the transport of fish products or for the transport of live animals;
6) “Hardware and software” computer programs dedicated to production processes;
7) Investments for direct sales;
8) General expenses for technicians/collaborators etc

For further information you can contact FABO SI at the following telephone numbers: office 0545 84488, Cell Giacomo 335 6060351 and Cell Marco 338 8918366 E-mail:, website:

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