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FAO Meat Price Index - June 2022

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08, Jul 2022

The FAO Meat Price Index* averaged 124.7 points in June, up 2.1 points (1.7 percent) from May, setting a new record high and exceeding by 14.0 points (12.7 percent) its June 2021 value. World prices across all meat types increased, with poultry quotations rising sharply, reaching an all-time high, underpinned by the continued tight global supply conditions impacted by the war in Ukraine and the Avian Influenza outbreaks in the Northern Hemisphere. Bovine meat prices edged up, as China lifted its import restrictions for purchases from Brazil. Meanwhile, pig meat prices recovered slightly on higher imports by several leading importers, amid continued low purchases by China. International ovine meat prices also bounced back on lower exportable volumes from New Zealand, notwithstanding subdued demand from Northern Asia.

* Unlike for other commodity groups, most prices utilised in the calculation of the FAO Meat Price Index are not available when the FAO Food Price Index is computed and published; therefore, the value of the Meat Price Index for the most recent months is derived from a mixture of projected and observed prices. This can, at times, require significant revisions in the final value of the FAO Meat Price Index.

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