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Pig sector: numerous risks in the short to medium term

Crefis director speaks: 'Inflation, protein demand and animal welfare regulations looming'

27, Jan 2023

The pig chain is also seriously at risk of crisis. The alarm was sounded by Gabriele Canali, director of Crefis (Economic research center on sustainable supply chains of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart), according to whom "the prices of slaughter pigs that we have been recording for several weeks now will not be able to last forever". The fear expressed by the economist in a press release from Pig Farming concerns the arrival of the first "negative effects caused by inflation"; in particular "for the cured meats of the protected circuit such as Parma and/or San Daniele ham, which have entered the seasoning process at increasing prices, the risk will be that of exiting this production phase at unprofitable prices, with inevitable repercussions and negative repercussions throughout the Italian pig production chain". Canali denounces an "unbalanced" price trend, which "if on the one hand rewards farmers with prices that have hovered around 2 euro/kg for several weeks, on the other penalizes the profitability of slaughterers and of the seasoners, creating an imbalance within the supply chain".

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Cremona, CR, Italia, 26/01/2023 10:15
EFA News - European Food Agency

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