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FIORANI signs the Beef and Pigmeat Supply Chain Agreement at the Carrefour 2023 Show

The commitment to the shared values of the Carrefour Food Transition is confirmed

02, Oct 2023

The Carrefour 2023 Show, which took place at the end of September at the Mi.Co., was a two-day event full of satisfactions and meetings. in Milan.
Fiorani has signed the Beef and Pork Meat Supply Chain Agreement with which, together with Carrefour Italia and Inalca, it confirms its commitment to pursuing the shared values of Carrefour's Food Transition, such as animal welfare and good breeding practices, respect for the environment and the valorisation of Italian agri-food and the territories that express it, the safety and health of workers and consumers.
The new Filiera products presented and tasted during this edition of the Show were the tartare (beef, veal and beef with Parmigiano Reggiano), the burgers (Scottona with Parmigiano Reggiano, Scottona with Bacon and veal), and for the pork Salamella, the mini-skewers and the delicious coppa roll.

The common thread that unites all these products is the high level of quality and service, which always looks at the needs of the final consumer and new lifestyles. Furthermore, the most sustainable packaging is applied for each range: thermoformed vacuum skin separable into single portions for tartare, practical and anti-waste; skin vacuum-packed FSC paper tray for burgers, longer shelf life and use of materials with a reduced environmental footprint; PET tray 1 for pigs, recyclable and transparent, as Fiorani wants to be for its customers.

The brand's annual event, the most important moment of meeting and discussion between the company, suppliers and the entire network of Italian points of sale, both direct and franchised, saw the presence of over 170 stands and more than 3,000 visitors.
In this context, the Food Transition Pact has been expanded, involving a further 16 companies, in addition to the 40 signatories in 2022. This project, which Fiorani has joined since its inception, represents a collective commitment between Carrefour and its suppliers to encourage transition of the entire food system in terms of sustainability towards 4 objectives: biodiversity, healthy and balanced diet, reduction of energy impact, reduction of packaging.
The 2023 Show, underlines Valeria Fiorani, the company's marketing manager, was a moment of fruitful discussion and analysis: "We share the same values, the vision between Carrefour and Fiorani with respect to the priorities and projects to be carried out to conquer the market coincides. Our goal is to make good, sustainable and affordable products. This pushes us to never stop, to continue to pursue innovation in terms of product and packaging, to listen to the new needs of the consumer and adapt the proposal of references to be displayed on the counter".

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