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Fiorani returns among the big names at the 2023 Carrefour Show

On 27 and 28 September at MiCo, Milan Convention Centre

25, Sep 2023

There is great anticipation for the 2023 Carrefour Show where Fiorani will return after the important awards obtained in the previous edition.
The "two days" which promotes the comparison between the over 1,400 Carrefour Italia sales points (both direct and franchised) and the national and regional suppliers presenting the new products in the assortment, was in fact the scene of the significant signing of the Food Transition Pact - Pact of Food Transition, a mutual commitment between Carrefour and its suppliers that engages them in a food transition process, to be able to offer customers products that pay attention to the nutritional aspect and respect the planet at an accessible price. Fiorani, after passing a strict selection process, entered the list of signatories in 2022, 40 "big" companies who committed to embarking on a virtuous path in terms of:
- health and nutrition, ensuring a healthy composition of products and supporting retail customers in a healthy and sustainable diet through information, transparency and the products offered;
- packaging and packaging, reducing the environmental impact of packaging by eliminating it, reducing it, ensuring its recyclability and offering reusable packaging;
- biodiversity, encouraging environmentally friendly agricultural and livestock farming practices that promote a better distribution of value;
- climate, reducing direct CO2 emissions and helping to reduce Carrefour's indirect emissions.
Fiorani, who has been a supplier to the Carrefour Quality Supply Chain for more than 20 years, shares the priorities of the French brand with respect to the objectives of environmental sustainability, animal welfare, valorisation of Made in Italy supply chains, respect for people and consumers.
This edition of the Show will also be an opportunity to present the values and skills of the company, the result of long experience in the sector of meat processing and production of Unbranded, Private Label and Fiorani products. The spotlight is obviously on new products, innovations and seasonal assortments.
Fiorani&C. was born as a meat processing platform and copacker of the most important brands operating on the national territory. It is a partner of Inalca (which holds 51%) which in 2018 promoted the launch of the FIORANI brand with a complete line of portioned and processed ready-made beef and pork products. The company uses cutting-edge specialized production plants to avoid risks of cross-contamination: two dedicated exclusively to the processing of pork-based products in Castelnuovo Rangone (MO) and Solignano (MO), and one dedicated to beef in Piacenza, where the company's main distribution platform is also located.
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CARREFOUR SHOW 8th Edition, 27 and 28 September, at the MiCo, Milan Convention Centre, Stand F1

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