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EU Promotion Funds: Penalisation of red meat avoided

Confindustria: Italy decisive in avoiding penalisation of wine, red meat and derivatives

28, Oct 2022

Confagricoltura highlights the excellent debut of the Minister of Agriculture, Francesco Lollobrigida, on a delicate issue for the Italian agri-food sector, that of funds for trade promotion. Without the position taken today by Italy,' the Confederation points out, 'wines, red meats and derivatives would have risked a drastic cut in funding intended mainly for promotion on foreign markets.

"It is a start that bodes well for the coming challenges," adds president Massimiliano Giansanti, "because the proposal presented by the EU Commission is part of an overall strategy that would put the entire agri-food system at risk.

"Moreover," continued the president of Confagricoltura, "funds for promotion are even more significant in this phase in which, as a result of high energy prices and rising inflation, there is a worrying drop in consumption".

In this regard, Confagricoltura recalls that in the first half of this year, total wine sales in large-scale distribution fell by more than 7.5% compared to the same period in 2021 and that in the top three foreign markets, exports in the sector fell by more than 10 percentage points.

The downward trend in exports is also certified by the latest EU Commission data on foreign trade in agri-food products: in July, Member State exports grew by only 2% in value on an annual basis, which means a contraction in terms of quantity that gives pause for thought in an economic context of announced recession.

Confagricoltura - Press Office

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