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How to champion a sustainable meat production

AVEC event on the sustainability of poultry production on 30 November in Brussels

21, Nov 2022

The event 'European Poultry - How to champion a sustainable meat production' organised by AVEC will be held in Brussels on 30 November at 4.30 pm.

The event, which can also be attended online by registering at this link, will focus on the topic of sustainability and best practices in the poultry sector at European level to achieve the goals set by the Green Deal and the European Farm to Fork strategy.

Among the topics covered will be the possible trade-offs involved in sustainable production, some myths to be dispelled associated with poultry meat production in the EU, and the goals achieved and to be achieved in improving production that the sector is continuously pursuing.

On this occasion, the contents of the European Sustainability Charter for the European Poultry Sector will be presented, which encapsulates the steps the sector has taken in seeking a balance between environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Speakers at the event will include Brigitte Misonne, Head of the Animal Production Unit of the European Commission's DG AGRI, Alexander Bernhuber, MEP Member of the Agriculture Commission, Els Bedert, Product Policy Director of EUROCOMMERCE and Birthe Steenberg, Secretary General of AVEC.

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