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Italian paediatricians speak out against synthetic food

Fimp ha aderito alla petizione di Coldiretti e Filiera Italia contro la diffusione del food prodotto in laboratorio

17, Nov 2022

Fimp, the Italian federation of pediatric doctors, has joined the petition of Coldiretti and Filiera Italia against the diffusion of synthetic foods produced in laboratories. The signing took place as part of the summit at the Coldiretti headquarters in Rome at Palazzo Rospigliosi.
The president of Coldiretti, Ettore Prandini, the secretary general Vincenzo Gesmundo and Luigi Scordamaglia, managing director of Filiera Italia took part in the official meeting. Antonio D'Avino, president of Fimp and the vice presidents Luigi Nigri and Roberto Caputo were present for the federation of paediatricians. The meeting was also attended by Luigi Cimmino Caserta of Plasmon, a member of Filiera Italia.

"The paediatricians have signed Coldiretti's proposal for a ban on synthetic foods and will collect signatures in all clinics involving families, informing parents about the risk that their children would run by taking synthetic food compared to the medium and long-term effects that are still unknown and not evaluated", reads a note from Coldiretti.


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