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Salumi DOP Piacentini protagonists in Germany

In the week of Italian cuisine in the world, we continue with this new edition of “Salumi Piacentini PDO On Tour” co-financed by the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy in the country that is the largest importer of Italian salumi

17, Nov 2023

Once again Piacenza PDO cured meats are the protagonists in 35 restaurants in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich and Cologne from 13 to 19 November. The initiative takes place as part of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World, the annual thematic review dedicated to the promotion of Italian cuisine and quality food products. For a week, in the premises participating in the initiative, the typical Piacenza antipasto with Coppa Piacentina, Salame Piacentino and Pancetta Piacentina will be served to all their customers. A true restaurant week where Piacenza’s cured meats can be enjoyed by many guests, becoming true ambassadors of the gastronomic excellence of the city of Piacenza. In fact, more than ten thousand tastings will take place and this is certainly the best way to promote Piacenza’s excellent products, having them tasted in a country that is the largest importer of Italian cured meats. 

«This is a further important opportunity to directly introduce the German consumer to the qualitative value of our PDO deli meats through a project co-financed by the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy, aimed at enhancing the consortium brand»: it is with these words that Consortium director Roberto Belli introduces the new scheduled international appointment. «Thanks to direct contact with restaurateurs, who have been provided with a detailed tutorial on how to slice and offer the three Piacenza delicacies, as well as the necessary information on their distinctive characteristics, consumers will be guided to the discovery of our PDOs. One of the objectives of the project is precisely to raise public awareness of the quality system of European certified products, encouraging their consumption».

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