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24 October is Mortadella Day!

A passion that has lasted for 362 years

20, Oct 2023

Tuesday 24 October marks the 11th edition of Mortadella Day, the pinkest day of the year, created to celebrate the anniversary of 1661, when Cardinal Farnese issued the notice with which the rules for the production of Mortadella were established (true and the forerunner of today's production regulations for Mortadella Bologna PGI).
The theme of this edition will be sustainability in the kitchen: for this reason three chefs will propose anti-waste recipes with recycled or obsolete ingredients, starring, as always, the pink queen of cured meats.
The day's program includes an anti-waste show cooking at 11:00 with Marco Martini, the young chef, three times Michelin star and owner of the Roman restaurant that bears his name, Horohiko Shoda, known to the general public as "Chef Hiro", chef of Japanese origin who has lived in Italy for 10 years where he hosts TV programs and writes food and wine themed books and Max Mariola, the Roman chef who became famous on YouTube, one of the most popular faces of the Gambero Rosso Channel.
The event will be hosted by the presenter and Rai correspondent Federica De Denaro, supported by the nutritionist Lorenzo Traversetti who will talk about Mortadella Bologna and correct food ingredients. The jury that will decide the best anti-waste recipe will be composed of the Tuscan actress Martina Stella, the Roman comedian, cabaret artist and actor Antonio Giuliani and the director of the Italian Consortium for the protection of Mortadella Bologna, Gianluigi Ligasacchi.
At 12:00 the celebration of Mortadella Bologna will continue with a performance of "art of recovery" which will involve the Roman street artist Luigi Ambrosetti, aka Lac68. Ambrosetti will create a live work dedicated to Mortadella Bologna PGI and its link with sustainability. Precisely for this reason, he will use waste materials that can be traced back to Mortadella Bologna and its production phases, such as bands, trays and strings.
At 2.00 pm it will be the turn of the digital world: 20 food influencers will participate in an exclusive Masterclass on an anti-waste theme, led by Max Mariola, they will discover new culinary secrets to enhance the distinctive characteristics of Mortadella Bologna PGI.
The celebration of Mortadella Day is open to all those who, wherever they are in the world, want to celebrate by tasting Mortadella Bologna. The Consortium instead, for the second consecutive year, chose the Central Market of Rome. The choice of location, a few steps from Rome Termini station, is not accidental: with its 2,500 m2, the structure is the ideal place where food is experienced, told and prepared by artisans who respect and know it deeply. And all day long, the 14 artisan shops of the Central Market will offer their original recipe based on Mortadella Bologna PGI, confirming, once again, the extreme versatility of this protected product in the kitchen.
All those who want to stay updated will be able to follow the event through the Stories that will be published on the Instagram channel of the Italian Consortium for the protection of Mortadella Bologna.

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