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The legendary Club Sandwich at the Park Hyatt Milan takes on a new shape... rectangular


29, Jan 2024

It was in 2009 when Tyler Brûlé, founder of Monocle magazine, on the occasion of one of his trips to Italy, defined it as 'the best Club Sandwich in the world'. It was the version proposed by the kitchens of the Park Hyatt Milano that won the Canadian journalist's praise. Since then, the interpretation of this classic — always in great demand by the hotel’s guests — has evolved, adopting new forms, but keeping its delicious substance intact. After the original version — with slices of bread cut into triangles, as stated in the recipe created at the Union Club in New York at the end of the 19th century — the Club Sandwich at Park Hyatt Milan was presented to the public in a square shape. As 2024 arrives and the hotel enters its third decade of activity, the sandwich now comes to the table in a new dimension: the rectangle!

His tasty reinterpretation starts by toasting three slices of bread loaf on all sides. At the base of the first one is poured a layer of Dijon mustard mayonnaise, a couple of well-washed lettuce leaves seasoned with oil and salt, 4/5 slices of 4 mm-thick sliced auburn tomatoes, hard-boiled egg and 4 strips (unfailing!) of bacon.

In the middle, the composition is repeated, with mustard mayonnaise, lettuce and tomatoes; but here the big star is the turkey. It is prepared by first massaging the meat well with salt and pepper; the turkey is then tied up and browned in a casserole dish with a drizzle of oil and, once ready, it is massaged again with smooth mustard and placed in a vacuum bag, leaving it to steam in the oven at 68° for 3 hours. The meat, which is soft and rich in flavour, is then sliced on a slicing machine to a thickness of 3 mm. The last slice of toasted loaf is covered with mustard mayonnaise.

Once the assembly is complete, the crust of the bread roll is removed and the Club Sandwich is cut into rectangles, served with its own toothpick and fries.

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