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Technical-economic indications to reduce the need for tail docking in pig farming

09, Jan 2024

A problem of obvious interest for the pig sector is represented by animal welfare. The housing solutions adopted in pigsties are generally not able to satisfy the behavioral needs of pigs, in particular they do not allow the manifestation of exploratory behavior. The lack of suitable material to explore represents one of the main animal welfare problems and the inability to express exploratory behavior causes the appearance of unwanted and potentially dangerous behaviors, such as tail biting and excessive aggression.
Despite the indications of Directive 2008/120/EC, Recommendation (EU) 2016/336 and projects financed at regional, national and international level that have studied this problem, tail docking still represents a very widespread practice in Italian farms.
To provide an evaluation of the technical and economic feasibility of the solutions applicable in the company to avoid tail docking, the INTACT project was born - Technical-economic indications to reduce the need to carry out tail docking in pig farming. It proposes the introduction of a computerized system for the technical-economic evaluation of structural and management improvement interventions aimed at reducing the need to cut tails and also plans to test this tool for the main types of housing in the post-weaning and fattening phases .

  • Fondazione C.R.P.A Studi e Ricerche – ETS di Reggio Emilia,
  • Società Agricola Guantara,
  • PIGGLY – Birla società agricola srl,
  • Bompieri Allevamenti s.s. Società Agricola

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