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King's (with Prince) becomes a global group

Interview with CEO Corradino Marconi: ‘Focused on both Italy and the world’

23, May 2024

Rigamonti-led King's cured meats business takes off. Thanks to the expansion of the range, in the first quarter of 2024 the brand achieved + 15% in value and + 9.5% in volume compared to the same period of the previous year. And in April 2024, volume growth stands at +45% compared to April 2023 and sees all the main channels positive.

Numbers confirmed at Cibus 2024 where the company (active in the production of San Daniele Dop and Parma Dop raw hams, with 106 million turnover in 2023 (+13% on 2022), was the protagonist with its range of Italian delicatessen specialties (over 100 references).

In this exclusive interview, CEO Corradino Marconi illustrates the development prospects of the group (which also includes the other historic brand Principe). "We have done a great job of rebranding and repositioning", explains Marconi. "King's is an Italian company, which will remain focused on our market, concentrated on the horeca and normal trade channels. Principe, on the other hand, will have an international dimension, it will travel the world to talk about the beauty and quality of Italian products".

Export support will also come from synergies with the giant Jbs, which controls Rigamonti. "Principe will be able to exploit the strength of JBS to penetrate the markets, not only European, but Canadian, American, practically all over the world".

Returning to King's, "the great challenge will be to evolve from a ham company to a cured meats company with a wide range of excellence, focusing heavily on eating out which is the segment that is growing the most", concludes Marconi.

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