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CAMI's challenge at the time of Simplification and Made in Italy

The mission of the Consortium is to bring clarity and transparency to this sector

20, May 2024

It was a very productive meeting that took place on Wednesday 15 May 2024 in the Tatarella Room, at the Chamber of Deputies, between representatives of the Consorzio Affumicatori Maestri Italiani and those of the institutions. Present for CAMI were not only the president of the Consortium Gianpaolo Ghilardotti (Foodlab), and vice-president Riccardo Massetti (SQS Network sas), but also the other three founding members, namely Antonio Mancuso (Sicily Food), delegate for institutional relations in Italy and Europe, Davide Brebbia (Starlaks) and Luigi Paolo Mondini (Agroittica).

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