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The Associazione Regionale Allevatori della Romagna draws a first, dramatic balance sheet of the flooding

And in the meantime, the 'Solidarity, Livestock Survival' project goes ahead

12, Jun 2023

There are 23 rivers flooded. 80 Municipalities are affected, the main landslides reach 936 to which must be added thousands of smaller but equally active landslides. The closed roads amount to 726, of which 410 are totally closed and 316 are partially closed. And the drowned livestock, including cattle, pigs and sheep and goats to date and to an unfortunately still approximate count are several tens of thousands, to which must be added more than 1 million poultry.

These are the official numbers to date, but dramatically unofficial because they are destined to increase as the damage count progresses, caused by the devastating flood that swept over Romagna on 2 and 16 May, and more specifically the provinces of Forlì and Ravenna.

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