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The potential for a new fish market: Nomisma research for the CAAB in Bologna

19, Apr 2024

The presentation of the wholesale fish market of the Centro AgroAlimentare di Bologna (CAAB), soon to be realised in the spaces of the Bologna facility, was held on 12 April at the Museo della Marineria in Cesenatico. The project aims to enhance the value of blue fish caught near the Adriatic coast using sustainable methods.
The central event was the presentation of the research 'The potential for a new fish market', carried out by Nomisma for CAAB, presented by Evita Gandini, head of Market Insight at Nomisma.
"The study highlighted challenges and opportunities that the new seafood market will have to face in order to be competitive in a scenario that sees, on the one hand, the tendential decline in consumption, and on the other, growing interest in the principles of sustainability, seasonality, and the local origin of seafood products on the part of consumers and operators," commented Evita Gandini.
With regard to the strengths that consumers and restaurateurs in Bologna see in the opening initiative, the availability of high quality products, logistical efficiency, the principles on which the new market will be based (sustainability, innovation, focus on poor fish) as well as CAAB's already consolidated experience with the fruit and vegetable market and its potential on marketing, communication and additional services stand out.


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